The BYOD (Bring -Your-Own-Device) growing trend

The BYOD (Bring -Your-Own-Device) growing trend

Companies that allow staff to bring their own mobile devices are better employers and also boost the morale at work. When an employer allows people to bring their own devices, they are considered not only flexible, but also attractive employers, according to experts.
Around two-thirds of the small and medium enterprise owners allow their employees to bring their own devices. The same number of people had requested their employers to let them carry their own devices to use at work.
When the staff were allowed to use their own devices, fifty eight percent felt a positive change, in that they saw their productivity and morale increase. The practice of letting employees bring their own devices can not only lead to happiness, but also to a better performance at work. The employers should, however, request their employees to keep their personal life separate from their work life. Companies are saving money since the onus of purchasing and maintaining the devices is on the employees. Moreover, users upgrade their own software programs and download their own apps. So, that saves the employers a lot of money.

Not only will the BYOD or bring your own device trend increase the profits of the company, but it will also help save the company some money. It is a great option if you are a small and medium enterprise and do not have the budget to buy your employees phones of their own for company use. Moreover, the devices that the employees bring might be faster than the devices the company provides them. The history of BYOD traces back to the Intel Company, which allowed its employees to bring their own devices. Now, this has led many companies to let their employees bring their own devices.

Not only this, but it will also allow the employees to work from anywhere. According to research, many countries including Brazil, Russia, India, and China have shown the propensity to bring their own devices to work. Many industries are adopting the trend quicker than the others are. Increasing productivity can be seen when people bring their own devices. Moreover, there is employee or job satisfaction at work when people bring their own devices.
Additionally, the personal devices of the employees have cutting edge technology and internet access unlike the devices that are provided by employers. It allows them to carry one device for work and one for personal use. It would otherwise be more difficult for companies to manage the devices that they provide. Companies need an efficient management system and this can happen when they let their employees bring their own devices. It is a bit difficult for companies to make their employees keep the data of the company confidential and therefore, they should ask the employees to bring separate devices for work and have separate devices for home use since the children of the employees can unknowingly fiddle with sensitive data that can otherwise cost the company millions of dollars. BYOD is a positive trend, provided that it is managed the right way.

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