Core Features

Remote Management

Control all your screens from a single device

Super glide surface

Smooth glass for a fluid writing experience


Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Mac OS and Chromebook

High Precision Touch

Improved stylus recognition and assign colors to multiple pens.

Cloud Accounts

Connect instantly to your Google Drive or OneDrive accounts

Clever Account Profile

Access your apps, settings and files from your NFC Key fob

Extended Features

Subscription free software

Our range of software is designed to engage students and simplify the lesson planning process. Share resources with other teachers and make the most of pre-made lesson and activity templates. Both Lynx and Snowflake MultiTeach are designed with input from educators, enabling teachers to seamlessly collate media and resources to produce innovative lessons.

A natural fluid writing experience

Our Super Glide Surface technology provides a natural and fluid writing experience, reminiscent of a pen and whiteboard. High precision touch pens are included, to facilitate dual-pen writing with no lag. Erase with your palm. Pinch and pull to zoom. Switch between finger-touch, pen, and dual-pen instantly without needing to alter settings.

Apps for connected learning

With content in a variety of languages, for all ages and subjects, and with additional resources available to download for free, Clevertouch makes creating exciting lessons simple for teachers. Cleverstore contains hundreds of apps – all free to download, with no adverts or inappropriate content. All of the apps have been tested by our App team to ensure they meet curriculum requirements.

Send messages, alerts and media

To all of your Clevertouch screens remotely With the new Clever Message App send dynamic digital signage messages to all, individual or groups of your Clevertouch screens. Your IT department or office can create messages using full-screen, easy to populate templates, produce live-video messages from the school principal, instructions during a fire drill, building maintenance information, daily news and general announcements.

Screen mirroring with controls

Clevershare App is free to download and compatible with Android, Windows, iOS and Chrome devices. Up to 50 devices can connect with the Clevertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. The presenter has full control over what is shared, and can show up to 4 device screens simultaneously, increasing student collaboration and participation within every lesson.

Easier integration and installation

Clevertouch interactive touchscreens are designed to integrate with your current system set up and work with your current software. With remote management tools, increased security and network options, and the most comprehensive warranty on the market, Clevertouch offers long-term savings and increased return on investment



The Cleverstore is the first of its kind, and only available on the Plus Series. It is a free, dedicated educational App store where all apps (even those from familiar developers with big-name licenses) have had all advertising and in-app purchases removed, allowing educators to use them in the classroom with confidence.


The range of Apps is growing rapidly, and we have also committed to providing resources for educators to use alongside the apps to compliment and enhance the learning experience.

The Clevertouch Range


Clevertouch Plus

Clevertouch Pro