VoIP Now and Save Costs

VoIP Now and Save Costs

Is the traditional landline on its way out? If VoIP has its way, it soon will be, from being a mere buzzword a decade ago, it has transformed into a powerful means of communication that has revolutionized how we talk and interact with each other across the globe. So let’s see what VoIP means before looking at how it can save costs.

Put simply, VoIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) is a way of making phone calls using the Internet, and many companies, big and small, are either veering toward this new technology or looking at it as a good alternative to migrate their systems to- in the near future. Those that need affordable, Web-based solutions are looking to hosted VoIP providers for their needs.

Making calls over the Internet is cheap and more importantly requires only some additional equipment. There are no connection charges and only a gateway that needs to be added; once businesses switch over to VoIP, savings can range between thirty to forty percent and even customers usually see a reduction in their phone expenses. Existing phones can be used; all that they need is a VoIP gateway and they can start making and receiving VoIP calls. By using the STM Click-2-Dial service it is possible to make and receive calls through the Internet; this reducing administration costs and also making remote workers easily accessible.

A VoIP system has many built in features and tools that help employees operate more efficiently and save time. Using the STM Actinium PABX with our VoIP service provides interactive voice response, IP video conferencing, voice-mail with email capability and other such features, employees can connect quickly and easily across the organization. This not only saves time and effort but also money. Sometimes businesses can avail of unlimited long distance calling within certain regions enabling them to communicate with far off clients quickly and easily, with significantly reduced costs incurred.

There are no significant setup or installation fees for registering new phone numbers and existing numbers can be ported or transferred very cheaply.

Any changes to the system can be done online through a Web browser and this eliminates the need to pay excessive fees or charges. As VoIP systems are rather simple and are designed to function easily and efficiently, the need for IT support and services is greatly reduced.

The only cost that businesses will have to incur is that for setting up VoIP initially, and this may be a little high, but over time, this is more than compensated for by the savings that accumulate.

Thus VoIP seems to be the answer to combat rising business costs and research studies have shown that many businesses will jump onto the VoIP bandwagon because of the cost savings associated with the technology.


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