Key Features

Management, customization and data analytics

  • Agent, pool, and group creation and management
  • Queue creation and management
  • Customizable Live dashboards for any available information
  • Dynamic call, email and chat routing
  • Chat-bot creation tool & Easy IVR menu creation
  • Customizable PABX features e.g. ring groups and time conditions
  • Central hub for chat history, call recordings and ticket history
  • Create custom tags for tickets and custom agent states
  • System theme customization & Template creation and management

Ticketing/Help desk p15

  • Automated ticket generation from chats
  • Manual ticket creation
  • Manual ticket closing
  • Ticket notes
  • Automated responses for opening/
    closing tickets via.
  • chosen communication method
  • Custom ticket tags
  • Live ticket dashboard


  • Fully integrates PABX
  • Soft or desktop phone compatible
  • IVR menus
  • Call diverting
  • Ring group
  • Call recording
  • Time conditions
  • Click 2 Dial

Chat, p12

  • Chat using WhatsApp, email with possible expansion.
  • Chat-bot
  • Shared or individual inbox
  • Template messaging
  • Message forwarding
  • Shared gallery for agents
  • Send and receive media
  • Work in pre-set pools or groups

SMS p8, p9

  • SMS inbox
  • SMS campaigns
  • Send single SMS
  • Automated SMS opt-ins

Agent tools

  • Customer creation 
  • All communication methods
  • Calendar for custom notifications, meetings and read receipts for emails
  • An extensive dashboard

Core Features

Cloud-Based Technology

Having Systems in place with multi-layered failover and disaster recovery ensures peak performance and reliably. Our endless scalable platform is engineered to grow. A lot of companies work remotely be that from home or at a beach somewhere. Wherever in the world you decide to go our systems and support will be there with you.

Secure Platform

When dealing with large amounts of data and Sensitive information, it is paramount that you can trust your service provider to maintain a secure platform. The integrity and security of our service and data is our top priority.

Exceptional Service

We are available around the clock and our support staff are always on hand to help. Forgotten passwords, help setting up a new user or experiencing issues, our dedicated team will be on hand to maximize your up-time. We’re available via multiple communication channels.

Cost Saving

Most companies are using multiple providers and applications for daily communication needs such as a ticketing system, an email client, desktop phones, VOIP provider etc. This exacerbates costs as well as creates headaches with support.

Extra Features

Agent & pool creation

Create Agents, monitor their status and grant them the desired system access as well as communication channels, also group these agents into pools of agents where all agents in the pool share an inbox or have individual inboxes for agents in a pool.

Chatbot Creator

Gone are the days when use of chatbots were restricted to large corporate companies and creation of these bots needed technical know how. Easily create and deploy creative and useful chatbots to offload tasks like price, inventory, location lookups. Use it to direct traffic or any other creative uses you can produce.

Whatsapp Routing

Seamlessly odd new WhatsApp numbers and customize their routing by simply selecting the end point for all messages for a specific number.

PABX Settings and Routing

  • Set up your own hosted PABX
  • Seamlessly add new numbers
  • Create your own VoIP routing
  • Create rules for agents to divert calls after pre-set times to pre-set locations
  • Create custom ring groups
  • Create custom IVR menus
  • Set up time conditions


  • Fully integrated operator panel
  • Integrated softphone
  • Option to incorporate desktop phone
  • Click to dial functionality from the customer page
  • IVR menus
  • Call diverting
  • Ring group
  • Call recording
  • Time Condition

SMS templates, campaigns and OPT-INS

  • Create SMS templates
  • Send single SMS using templates or free form
  • SMS inbox
  • Create campaigns, manage and monitor SMS campaigns
  • Automated SMS opt-ins or targeted imports from replies


Agent can add/edit customers and contact them with communication methods the Agents has access it.

Agent View Dashboard

A comprehensive view where agents can see their individual, pool or branch performance for all available communication methods.


The Chat Feature gives the option to choose between multiple chat types, such as Customer Chats and Internal Chats between agents via various communication methods such as WhatsApp and email, as well as the option to close a chat and its corresponding ticket if applicable. The chat timer indicates the time left in the 24 hour customer initiated window where free form messages can be sent. Once this timer expires and the time period exceeds 24-hours, only template messages can be sent. Templates can however be sent at any time and media messages can be sent from the pre-set Gallery. Chats can be forwarded to the appropriate department or employee/opens.


Set up queues by allocating preferred number of different interactions by agent. View all active agent interactions or interact by listening tin to live calls., speak to agents without customers hearing or barge into the call and speak to customer. View or intervene WhatsApp and Email chats or redistribute interactions to different agents. 


Never forget a birthday, meeting or call by setting reminders and receiving notifications when they are due, all meeting requests received through email will also be added to your calendar


All WhatsApps and emails sent to pools, individual inboxes or shared inboxes will generate tickets (if enabled), Manual tickets can also be created, and all tickets can be viewed by the person or persons who are working on the ticket and any communication method available can be used to send a resolution message to the customer, live ticket displays can be created thot display all tickets or tickets based on certain parameters.

Live Dashboard

Display any available data on agents, pools or branches for a selected period onto a live dashboard or multiple live dashboards

Communication History

A comprehensive history of all interactions that took place within the system.
Call recordings, WhatsApp’s, emails and tickets will be Stored for 5 years and can be viewed, downloaded individually or exported in bulk.