Cloud Storage

Key Features

  • Full  redundency
  • Advanced  firewall and  fail2ban
  • Sftp access
  • Active threat  detection
  • User activity  logging and  tracking
  • Unlimited  traffic
  • Multi user  and access  restrictions
  • Anti ddos
  • Setup as  network  share

Why You Should Get Ransomware  Protection

Ransomware attacks someone  every 10 seconds. It is now easier  than ever for cyber criminals to  set up and launch an attack and  cause serious financial damage to  your company and risk.


Increase in ransomware strains  


Average downtime after attack  

R13 500

Average ransom demanded

How Cloud Storage Makes Data Management, Sharing,  Syncing, And Recovery Efficient

These days, with many businesses opting for a remote workforce, there is more need than ever for a  storage solution that will allow for effective, efficient, and secure data management and file  sharing. After all, companies need to ensure that day-to-day operations are smooth and easy and  that their employees have access to the documents that they need no matter where they are in the  world, or what device they may be using. This is where cloud storage comes in.

Cloud storage is a reliable, secure computing service model where data is stored at a centralized  remote data centre, and can be accessed by authorized users anytime, from anywhere, via the  internet or a dedicated private network connection.

Not only is data stored in the cloud safe from unauthorized access, but cloud storage systems  also maintain multiple data backups to eliminate the chances of data loss, and make data recovery  easy should it need to be transferred to a different platform, infrastructure, or location. This  ensures that there is no downtime, and that work can continue with uncompromised, or even  increased, efficiency.

With an efficient cloud storage service, you can reduce on-premises it infrastructure expenses and  ensure that all the data and media files necessary for operation are accessible on any device from  anywhere in the world. Your cloud service provider will host, manage, and maintain servers, along  with all other corresponding infrastructure, to ensure that your business’ data and files are safe  from cyber threats, while remaining accessible to you whenever you need it

  • Storage Package

    • 50 GB STM cloud storage
    • 100 GB STM cloud storage
    • 500 GB STM cloud storage
    • 250 GB STM cloud storage
    • 1000 GB STM cloud storage
    • 2000 GB STM cloud storage
    • (optional) Once off fees description
    • Shared folder / SFTP setup per device
    • Setup fee per user

  • Price Excl VAT month to month

    • R 199.00
    • R 299.00
    • R 449.00
    • R 799.00
    • R 1449.00
    • R 2599.00
    • Price Excl VAT month to month
    • R 90.00
    • R 25.00

Key Features Emails And Domain Hosting

  • Spf record  verifcation
  • Spam  filtration
  • Web control  panel
  • Create or delete  mailboxes , set  autoresponse
  • Reverse dns  autentication
  • Incoming pop or  imap with or  without tls  encryption
  • Enables you to  manage whole  domain
  • Phpmyadmin ,  mysql manager
  • Valid dmarc  entry
  • Smtp outgoing  server with or  without tls  encryption
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Easily install :  wordpress ,  drupal , joomla
  • Storage Package

    • 1gb 1-10 Mailboxes + website hosting
    • 1gb 11-20 Mailboxes + website hosting
    • 5gb 1-75 Mailboxes + website hosting
    • 20gb 1-200 Mailboxes + website hosting
    • 30gb 1-250 Mailboxes + website hosting
    • Once off fees description
    • Initial setup fee
    • (optional) SME website creation

  • Price Excl VAT x 24 months

    • R 44.00
    • R 65.00
    • R 135.00
    • R 245.00
    • R 455.00
    • Price Excl VAT
    • R 1000.00
    • R 14000.00